Home Heath Business 1) OPEN Cell vs. CLOSED Cell Phytoplankton… what’s the difference?
Alpha 3 CMP™ is OPEN cell Phytoplankton. Other brands of Phytoplankton are CLOSED (whole) Cell.
The Human body does not have the digestive enzymes to break down silica which forms the “shell” of many microscopic plankton, therefore, if the cell wall is still WHOLE (closed), very little, if any nutrients will be absorbed. Alpha 3 CMP™ cells in FrequenSea are opened without using any heat, freezing, or chemicals which could affect efficacy. Often times other companies with closed cell plankton blend their species with other forms of seaweed and greens to yield nutritional potential for humans.

2) WILD Phytoplankton or Phytoplankton grown in Bio-reactors?
Unique Sea Farms is the only company worldwide with the patent pending technology to grow and harvest WILD natural blends of phytoplankton in eco-friendly sustainable quantities. As with any type of produce, the closer it can be grown with mother nature, the better. That is how food is intended to grow! Alpha 3 CMP™ is a blend of up to 200 species of WILD Marine Phytoplankton from Natural sea water blooming in an abundance of sunshine. Other single species of phytoplankton are grown using standard laboratory methods, in a denatured environment called a bio-reactor with synthetic sea water