Typical Domestic Solar Electricity and Hot Water Installations

For customers in Alentejo, Portugal

Just two recent example installations, for domestic Solar Electricity and Water Heating.
Solar Electricity:

Providing full domestic AC power and lighting for kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, utility, workshop, water pumping and garden.

800 Watts 24 Volt PV array providing 30 Amp peak power to a 1,000 Amp Hour battery store - enough for 5 days without sun minimising back-up generator use. 
The Inverter is rated at 2,200 Watts continuous AC power. The solar charge controller is unique in maximising solar charge, using state of the art technology. A domestic fuse box and primary AC circuit is also installed.

Sizing your system:

To correctly supply an optimum solar system it is most important to work with you to estimate your power use. This step is always done to assist you in getting the best value at the least cost. It also helps you to choose energy efficient lighting and appliances.

All control equipment and battery store in barn.

Solar Water and Under floor Heating:

A combined domestic hot water and under floor heating system provides in excess of 3,600 Kwatt Hours per year. A typical domestic hot water only system will be half this size. The Solar Collector is a 64-tube evacuated German made Schott product. We also supply flat-plate collectors. The system heats a store capacity of 300 litres with heat exchangers for solar, back-up wood fired boiler, and the underfloor heating circuit.

Laying down the under floor heating circuit

Solar Survey:

A on-site visit determines the best location and mounting of solar panels and 
system components, as well as the size of system you require.
Work Plan:

This outlines the work entailed and draws attention to ancillary details and 
choices to get the best results.
Guideline costs:

800 Watt Solar AC Power - 12,995.00 inclusive
64-Tube Solar Hot Water Heating - 9,595.00 inclusive


All components carry excellent guarantees and all our work is fully guaranteed 
for 1 year.

Please contact for Solar Survey and Enquiries:

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