Class every week in Odemira
Alentejo, Portugal

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All abilities welcome

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art and exercise method.  The Instructor is Jonathan Evelight who emphasises training in mental stillness before movement begins.

"Tai Chi does more than keep me fit, it rejuvenates mind + body. It teaches me right use of physical energy, some discipline, helps me to live on the land where the work can be hard, to be soft at the same time.  It is a complete system."

Practical Tai Chi has 5 Elements or components.  These are:

The Hand Form (Tao Choan) * Pushing Hands (Tui Shou)
Self-Defence (San Shou) * Weapons (Spear)
Internal Strength (Nei Kung)

Tai Chi is a many sided art form that teaches you physical agility and flexibility, mental poise, stamina and trains the inner will.

Jonathan's style is "Wudang" or Practical Tai Chi Chuan - as taught by Dan Docherty and his teacher Chen Tin-hung (International Chinese Martial Arts Team Leader and Trainer) and originally by Chang San-feng (14th C.).

Tai Chi is a Taoist philosophical concept representing the origin of Heaven and Earth and all matter in the world.  "Tai" literally means "Supreme" while "Chi" has the literal meaning of "Ultimate".  Tai Chi transends the limits of time and space.  The Taoists called it "Tao", meaning The Way.

- Instant Tao, by Dan Docherty