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400Watt Solar Tracker

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400 Watt
AIR Wind Gen

Special €50 Discount Offer on Biolet dry Composting Loos on orders
(Purchase by PT Bank Transfer only)

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DRY COMPOSTING TOILETS - Ideal Domestic Flush-Free Solution (PRICE REDUCED ALL MODELS) Price: £    Price: € PayPal
+ delivery
BioLet Standard - semi-automatic unit with Electric AC fan assisted ventilation and heat element. £1,169.00 €1,397.00  
BioLet Deluxe - fully automatic mixing, heating element with AC Electric fan assisted ventilation. £1,369.00 €1,644.00  
BioLet Separera NE30 -  separate independent chamber system with automatic ventilation £819.00 €989.00  
BioLet Separera 40 - basement installation model with automatic ventilation £985.00 €1,182.00  
Biolet Komfort 55 - fully automatic with extra capacity for regular use £1,619.00 €1,945.00  
Optional Solar DC fan Kit for BioLet Manual NE - includes Solar panel + DC Fan £89.45 €109.00  
Installation Kit for BioLet NE (non-electric) model £82.85 €99.45  
Installation Kit for BioLet all other models £82.85 €99.45  
GEO-DOMES - made to order in zinc in various sizes (5m to 12m) Please enquire Portugal
& Spain


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