Solar Power Kit 3 ==> 1,000 Watt Solar Energizer

The Solar Energizer is a high performance solar power system
 modular, flexible and easy to install.

Specially designed for grid-connections on existing roofs of  domestic homes and small commercial buildings.

Grid-connections may provide for the selling of excess electricity 
back to the grid power company.

Easy DC Connector allow fast, easy connections of the solar PV modules * Digital metering shows full electricity generated history 5-Year Warranty on the whole system in case of product defects * 25 Year warranty on power output.

Cost Guide & Specification

1.02 kWp Area: 8.562m; 
Annual output approx.: 850 kWhours

12 x BP585 85Wp PV laminates (1020Wp)
1 x Support framework & mounting hardware
1 x DC Cabling (2 x 20m)
1 x GCI-1200 ‘Sunny Boy’ 850 Watts Inverter
1 x DC disconnect switch
1 x AC lockable disconnect switch
1 x Misc. cables, clips and connectors

Guide Price £5,600.-
Delivery, Pre-assembly, Installation & Commissioning from £1,950.-

+Vat and delivery (please ask for a quote)  

Please quote Solar Energizer 1 or 2KWatt System.  Conforms to all international safety, grid conformity and building standards.

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