SOLAR KIT 1 - Mobile, Camper, Low-impact Accomodation.
Low Energy Lighting + Mains Power for Laptop + DVD


Caravan, Mobile or Temporary Accomodation:

12 Volt Lighting + accessories plus small appliance AC mains 220V.

Solar Kit 1 is a basic solar power supply ideal for a simple lighting circuit and occasional use of low-power mains 220V electric appliances. Everything you need to wire in the solar power supply including a simple lighting circuit can be provided.  

This kit is self-installable by a competent DIY person.

Easy "How to..." connect
instructions provided.

Best value solar kit for DIY installers.    Supplied to UK + Europe mainland
  Kit Components

We offer high performance BP Polycrystalline and Lorentz monocrystalline modules.  These are perfect panels for leisure applications eg motorhomes, lighting systems, water pumping etc.Laminated toughened glass with lightweight, anodised aluminium 'Universal' frame.  Highly resistant to water, abrasion, hail impact and other environmental factors.Warranty 10 and 20 years to 80 percent.

Charge controllers or voltage regulators protect the batteries from overcharging, and discharging and possible damage. For Solar Kit 1 we offer the basic Solsum 8 Amp controller or the StecaPro 10 Amp with LCD display.

300 Watt Pure Sinewave Inverter

A Pure Sign Wave inverter provides safe "plug-in" mains power. For powering laptops and reliable full recharging of batteries for small power tools.

Larger models are also available.

Solar Kit 1 Includes:

OPTION A:  Budget Solar Kit

  • 50 Watt aluminium framed roof-mountable Solar PV module,

  • Solsum 8Amp Regulator

  • 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

(optional lighting, switches + cable, batteries price not included).

Guide Price £516.45

OPTION B:  Standard Solar Kit

  • 90 Watt aluminium framed roof-mountable Solar PV module,

  • Steca Pro 10Amp Regulator with LCD

  • 300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

(optional lighting, switches + cable, batteries price not included).

Guide Price £682.50

... or tell us what you need and
we will make up a kit for you

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