Wind Power Kit 1 - 400 Watt AIR-X Land Turbine

Reliable high-output for low-cost solution
Mounting guy + Pole rig included  
Easy to install * direct to batteries
Self-regulating * no control equipment needed

3 Year Warranty * Maintenance free

Ideal for independent power needs for cabins and remote locations.

Recommended for self-install Wind + Solar Power combination.


Anodised cooling fins for sustained high output

High impact carbon-fibre reinforced blades

Variable pitch over-speed protection

Brushless neodymium alternator

Maintenance free - only 2 moving parts

Cast aluminium body + all stainless steel parts


No room for a Tower?
 We also supply Gable-end Wall mounts
+ 2 metre pole.

(Note: Cable and battery connectors are not supplied)


Rotor Diameter:    46" (1.15 metres)

Turbine Weight:    14 lbs (6.2Kg)

Start-up Windspeed:    6 knots (7mph, 2.7m/s)

Voltage:    12, 24 or 48 Volts DC

Rated Output:   400 Watts at 26 knots (30 mph, 13.4 m/s).  Typically 100 to 200 at 20 to 25 mph

KIT CONTENTS - What's included:

# AIR-X Land Wind-Turbine
# Plug&Go Box with integral Stop-Switch for safe control or maintenance, plus
# Ammeter (40 Amp rating),
# In-line Fuse and connector
# 6.5 metre Tower Rigging kit including Steel guys, ground fixings, shackles and turnbuckles etc. (48mm dia standard galvanised steel tube not included)

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